Argya Sadan graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in India, and has worked with award-winning architecture firms. As an Indian raised in Singapore, the drastically contrasted cultural and social entities of the two countries helped craft her as a person and was one of the driving factors that led her to pursue opportunities in a variety of geographical locations.


Sadan worked in a sustainable eco-design firm in Cape Town, South Africa, to create quality housing at minimal costs and to the benefit of local economies. She started in the social sector when she took on a fellowship at Make A Difference to handle a team of writers, designers and videographers to spread awareness about quality education for children at risk and was recognized for her work in the LeadershipXDesign Conference for planning visual design aspects of camps across 23 Indian cities. Her fascination with the varied stories and personalities portrayed by people and a deep driven wanderlust gave her opportunities to experience ancient as well as modern human traditions, values and architectural structures.


Her immense passion for articulating these stories through film and design led her to be one of the 10 students accepted into the AFI Conservatory’s prestigious Production Design program in 2015. AFI is ranked the #1 Film school in the World by The Hollywood Reporter, and its alumni include David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky and Terrence Malick.  The Art Directors Guild selected her as one of thirteen exceptionally talented young designers from a field of applicants for its 2017 Production Design Initiative and she was a finalist for the Television Academy Internship Program the same year. Her thesis film 'Little Darling'  was nominated for Best Production Design in the 2018 Utah Film Festival and Awards and received a Gold Award for Production Design at the 2018 International Independent Film Awards


Based in Los Angeles, she works as a Production Designer, Set Designer in the Art Department for a wide variety of films and tv shows locally but is open to travel.