Argya Sadan is currently pursuing her M.F.A in Production Design at the American Film Institute Conservatory. During her stint as an architect, she trained with award-winning architecture studios. She has worked with a sustainable + eco-design firm in Cape Town, South Africa and was part of an effort to provide quality housing at minimal costs to benefit local economies. 

Argya began contributing to the social sector by working as an English-teaching volunteer at India’s largest youth organization -Make A Difference, and was later granted a Public Relations fellowship that involved the optimization and management of a team of writers, designers and videographers to spread awareness about quality education for children at risk. The LeadershipXDesign Conference that year, recognized her work for planning visual design aspects of camps for children in 23 cities and offered her a National Design Lead position to manage design guidelines across India. 

As an Indian raised in Singapore, the drastically contrasted cultural and social entities of the two countries has helped her achieve a deeper connect between the different ways of life. The blend between the two has helped craft her as a person and was one of the driving factors that led her to pursue opportunities in a variety of geographical locations. She believes in the premise that everyone has a story and making an effort to understand it leads to deeper, lasting connections that give rise to impactful and genuine social solutions. Her fascination with the varied stories and personalities portrayed by people inspire her to find solutions which cater to the needs of those who are an integral part of this society and a deep driven wanderlust has given her opportunities to experience ancient and modern human traditions, values and architectural structures. Her immense passion for articulating stories through film and design led her to the AFI. Interacting with people from different backgrounds and cross-cultural dialogue is what inspires her to be who she is and provides a base for her to go out, explore and meet people from different life situations. Traveling, exploration and a sense of being involved keeps her ideas alive and motivates her to learn and become more aware. Every country she’s lived in and each city she’s visited is a melting-pot of cultural backgrounds and design approaches and this has helped sculpt her interest around architecture, human behavior and the constant connection between the two. 

Awareness of things around you, the people and where they come from provides for a clear insight into their souls and helps you be a part of their life in a way that alters the course of life and leaves a part of you within them.